Cycled and Walked around Mt.Fuji.
Mt.Fuji is an active volcano that spans Shizuoka prefecture and Yamanashi prefecture. The elevation is 3776.24 m, the highest peak in Japan, its graceful appearance is widely known as a symbol of Japan even outside Japan.
Okitsu 興津 Ryuugatake 竜ヶ岳 Kouyoudai etc 紅葉台、三湖台
Shizuoka  静岡 Motosuko 本栖湖 From Yugawara 湯河原から富士吉田まで
Oohirayama 大平山 Hirugatake 蛭が岳 Fuji-Yoshida 吉田口五合目まで
Mitsutouge 三つ峠 Tounotake 塔ノ岳 Motosuko 本栖湖、三方分山、十二ケ岳、西湖
MisakaTouge 御坂峠 Ashinoko 芦ノ湖西尾根 Kenashiyama 毛無山から御坂峠
Fuji-city 富士市 Clime Mt.Fuji From sea
Around the lake Yamanaka 
山中湖j周回 飯盛山、山伏峠、高指山、籠坂峠
Echizendake 越前岳
Oshino 忍野 Choujagatake 長者が岳 Ashinoko 芦ノ湖自転車道、箱根用水
MikuniTouge 三国峠 Jukai-3 青木が原樹海3 Yukimidake etc 雪見岳、毛無山、雨ケ岳、竜ヶ岳
青木ケ原樹海 New Fifth station 新五合目1 Inokashira road 猪之頭林道、本栖みち
青木ケ原樹海-その2 New Fifth station 新五合目2 Fuji Goko 富士五湖めぐり
Shoujiko 精進湖 Panoramadai パノラマ台 Around Mt.Fuji富士山一周
Myoujin pass Yamanakako lale 明神峠から山中湖
Fuji straddles Yamanashi prefecture and Shizuoka prefecture, But It is not decided which part of the prefecture the mountain top belongs to.
It is owned by Asama Shinto shrine from the 8th line to the top (except roads, mountain trails).
There is no address of the mountain.

Mountain climbing requires climbing knowledge, experience, equipment. In general, climbing is possible from the opening on July 1 every year until the end Season in early September. Outside the period, climbing for those who do not make thorough preparations is basically prohibited

Around Mt.Fuji
From Hakone you can enjoy Mt.Fuji.Hakone is close to Tokyo, you can enjoy hot springs, historical ・ art galleries and various kinds of rides, and there are constantly many tourists both inside and outside throughout the year. Also, summer is famous as a summer resort.

Fuji Goko is famous as a tourist destination around Mt.Fuji. Yamanaka-ko, Kawaguchi-ko, Sai-ko, Shouji-ko, Motosu-ko. And there is Oshino Hakkai between Yamanaka-ko and Kawaguchi-ko."ko=Lake","Goko=5Lake"

Mt.Fuji can not be seen from the top of Mt.Fuji.And, even if you try to see various places from the top of Mt.Fuji, this is also hazy and can not be seen quite well.On the contrary, Mt.Fuji can be seen well from various places.You can see Mt.Fuji clearly.Fuji is certainly beautiful and great, but the place where we see Mt.Fuji is also a nice and comfortable place.I would like to enjoy various sceneries on the way, going by bicycle and walking around various places around Mt.Fuji.